Saving Money Tips

Saving Money Tips

We recognize that moving always means money out of pocket and we spend the amount of money it costs for the benefit it will bring; new start and more opportunities. Even though you have to spend money to move, there are things you can do to avoid blowing your moving budget total - small things that will keep you from spending more than necessary.

1) Create a Moving Plan:

Not only will this help organize your move and eliminate stress, it will also help you save money. There's nothing more frustrating than realizing at the last minute that you need a specialty service to move an oversized item or that the moving company is now overbooked and you have to go with a more expensive, last-minute quote.

2) Create a Moving Budget:

This will keep you on track, remind you of what you're able to spend and ensure that you have enough money to cover all the needed expenses. A Moving Budget will help you in determining where your priorities are and where you can possibly save money.

3) Book your move well in advance:

Avoid waiting until the last minute and allow yourself time to do a thorough checklist and planning your move.

4) Beware Additional Costs for Last Minute Services

Make sure to plan ahead for additional services that might be needed prior to the move date. Plan for moving up and down stairs, having adequate parking and communicating las minute changes to your mover.

5) Additional Steps to Save You Time and Money:

• Label your boxes to be place at your new home.
• Disassemble your furniture prior to the move date/time
• Have appliances disconnected and ready to go
• Have extra packing material in case it's needed
• Place your boxes where they're easily accessed to move

We do offer Full Packing Services where we handle packing all items for you!

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