Are you licensed and Insured?
Yes. We have a certificate of liability for up to $1M.

Are the movers Professional and Experienced?
Yes, we have over 15 years of experience

Are you a Broker or an Actual Moving Company?
We are an actual moving company and we handle 100% of your move from pointA to point B. We do NOT subcontract to any other moving companies.

Are you local?
Yes, we are local and we handle moves all over Houston and surroundingareas as well as to other major cities within Texas as needed.

What does the rate include?
The rate includes the loading and unloading of the truck, pick-up anddelivery, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and appliances if necessary,padding for the furniture, insurance coverage, free use of wardrobe boxes (upto 5 boxes),

What is the difference between Packing and Full Packing Services?
Our Packing Services includes the pick-up and delivery of your belongingswhich have already been packed prior to our arrival and both loading anddelivery of your pre-packed items are included. Separately, we do offer FullPacking Services where we handle the hassle of packing your belongings for youand labeling the boxes you have provided or you may purchase boxes from us.

Are furniture protected and wrapped?
Yes, we will protect and wrap your furniture and use padding to protectyour appliances at NO additional cost.

How long have we been in business?
We have 15 years of experience in the moving industry and will use ourexperience to accommodate your move with peace of mind.

Can I change my dates or cancel?
Yes, you can change the date of your move (subject to availability) orcancel your reservation up to 72 hours in advance.

Do you handle last minute moves?
Yes, we will handle last minute moves subject to availability.

Do you offer on-site estimates?
Yes, we offer on-site estimates at no cost with minimum move requirements.

Is tipping the movers permitted?
That is completely up to you. Gratuity is usually 15% - 20% for the wholecrew, NOT each mover. The crew leader, or foreman, will distribute it.

Will my price change if my inventory changes at the last minute?
No worries, this often happens. We will give you the best rate up or downbased on the change in inventory.

Is there a minimum move requirement?
Yes, we do have a moving minimum depending on the location you are movingfrom and to.

Are there any other fees or charges?
We do offer additional services and additional moving supplies that may bepurchased in advance or on-site. We will provide a quote that will beall-inclusive of all charges and services you require.

Do you offer storage services?
Yes, we will move your inventory into your own storage facility or we canprovide an insured storage unit for you. When opting for our storage serviceswe will create and provide an inventory list to you. We will provide a quotethat will be all-inclusive of all charges and services you require.

What kind of training do your movers undergo?
We train our representatives in driving, packing and, most importantly,customer service.

Do you offer labor services to load or unload my truck, POD or myown storage unit?! (Can I hire your guys for labor services?)
Yes, we do offer labor services. If you provide the truck, POD or storageunit we will come out and load or unload your belongings. If possible, werecommend hiring us to professionally handle the move from point A to point Bas we carry a certificate of insurance to protect your belongings.

Are there any restrictions on items you will move or any limitationson your packing and unpacking services?
For safety and insurance purposes, we do have restrictions on the transportof propane and fuel as well as the removal of any fixtures that are attached toor built into the walls. As always, we will provide a quote that will beall-inclusive of all charges and services you require.

Should I book now?
It's always best to make reservation when you are guaranteed availability.You can change the date of your move (subject to availability) or cancel yourreservation up to 72 hours in advance.

What are your insurance coverage limits?!
We have a certificate of insurance of up to $1M and also carry cargoinsurance. Additionally, you may purchase moving insurance for further securityas is offered from BakerInternational or any other provider.

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